Tournament – Fantasy Hockey’s Most Frustrating Player

Rick Roos



Your votes will decide which of these 32 NHLers wears the crown of most frustrating fantasy hockey player!


It's that time again loyal readers – yup, welcome to another Cage Match Tournament!! Late last year your votes crowned David Backes the best multi-cat player in the NHL after a hard fought battle that saw him emerge victorious over many heavyweights (and I use that term both figuratively and – for finalist Dustin Byfuglien – quite literally).


Once again it'll be up to you to determine the "winner" of this tournament. Oh, and the reason I put "winner" in quotes is because the victor might not want to wear his crown with honor, since you'll be selecting……….THE MOST FRUSTRATING PLAYER TO OWN IN ALL OF FANTASY HOCKEY!


Before we get to the players you'll be voting on (32 total, broken into four brackets), I'll first go over player and bracket selection and how voting will work.

Player Selection and the Four Brackets

The first two brackets – one for goalies and another for band-aid boys – were "no brainers" since both are among the greatest sources of frustration in fantasy hockey. The third bracket is for "what have you done for me lately" guys — players who last achieved significant success two or more seasons ago, yet still tease you into thinking they can match (if not go beyond) that success in the coming season. The final bracket is a wild card — a "rest of the worst" comprised of players who don't quite fit into one of the other brackets but still, sadly for them, definitely deserve to be in the mix.


All 32 players are on fantasy radars as of today – that is, you won't see a guy who's surely frustrating but only puts up 15 points per year, nor will you see a 23 year old who's frustrating because so far he's failed to deliver on expectations. Also, I didn't include players who most would agree have gone beyond frustrating and are just plain bad (cough cough…Dany Heatley…cough cough). And only those who'll be age 35 or younger by 12/31/14 were included to ac