September 03, 2014



Bowman to MTL puts end to Penner rumor? Rinaldo’s hits per minute; Don’t blame Joe Thornton; and more …


Looking to update the Guide by Friday. The last update was late last week. Updates come almost daily when camps open, but for now you’re getting the updates weekly. Buy the ninth annual Fantasy Hockey Guide here.


No shocker here – but the Panthers have signed Aaron Ekblad to an ELC. I very much believe he will be an NHLer this season, possibly the only 2014 draftee who can say that.

Those who are into advanced stats, two new sites have cropped up. Brand new, but let’s give them a boost since we’re bored on this fine summer day. Progressive Hockey is one. War on Ice is the other.


I wonder if the Dustin Penner tryout in Montreal that was hinted at a few days ago is dead in the water now that Drayson Bowman signed a tryout contract. Bowman is only 25 and he’s responsible enough defensively. Yes, his 10 points last season really sucked, but he rarely started his shifts in the offensive zone – just 34.70% offensive zone starts, which is terribly low compared to most players league-wide. How would he do if given decent linemates and average zone starts? He could probably hold his own on the second line and become a 40-point guy. However, the Golden Boy rule is in effect here – a tryout contract probably means minor leagues for him, unless there are two or three key injuries on the wing for the Habs. He definitely needs some bounces.

Meanwhile, if I’m Penner, there is no way that I’d accept a tryout offer from a team that already has a tryout given to a younger player with a bit of upside who plays my position.