September 10, 2014



Plenty to say about McBain, Kaberle, MacKinnon’s muscle gain and more …


Saku Koivu has announced his retirement. 

Koivu’s best offensive season was in 2006-07 when he had 75 points, 74 PIM. One could argue that his 2002-03 was better (71 points) because he was a plus-5 versus minus-21 in 06-07. I remember drafting Koivu when he was 20, identifying him as one of the best prospects to own in hockey. I was so high on him that I bet a buddy a case of beer that he would get 85 points before 2004. He didn’t make it. A really good fantasy hockey player to own, but an absolutely fantastic prospect – so yes, he didn’t meet the lofty expectations but take that as a lesson in fantasy hockey. Nothing is a sure thing.

Koivu ends his NHL career with 832 points (255 goals) and 809 PIM in 1124 contests. I’m seven months older than Koivu so this makes me feel pretty old!


Shhhh. Do you hear that? That’s the calm before the storm.


I’ll have one last “bored” update for the Fantasy Guide tomorrow. And by “bored” update, I mean “Bah, I’m bored, let me think of some things to add to this Guide!” Next week…not so bored. The news will start to roll and in two weeks time I’ll furiously adding content as the news flies at us. Buy the Guide here.


Some training camp invites to report. Well, lots of them actually. Picking up steam…