November 09, 2014



How horrible is Fleischmann? How awesome is Johnson? My rookie mistake, Kopitar wakes up, and more …


You got me for the first of what will be a run of five ramblings in seven days. Lucky…you?


Yes, Scottie Upshall led the Panthers in scoring for most of last year (not saying much though), and ended up finishing second. But he’s the type of player who will do so only if his team is slim in terms of other options. Now that they have the likes of Jokinen and Pirri and others, Upshall is back to being a 30-point player. He scored twice Saturday.

Tomas Fleischmann has 29 points in his last 92 games. How horrible is that? After four consecutive seasons of 0.69 points-per-game or higher (57 points), he gives us this crap. And it’s not luck either. I usually start looking through the PDO and On-Ice SH% stats around this time, and Fleischmann’s numbers there are just fine – meaning his production is about where it should be based on league averages. A trade to a new team is the only thing that can save him, but looking at the stats I think the term “save” would only mean 45 points (or that pace pro-rated over 82 games). Nowhere near what we expect of him.

A Crosby, Malkin or Tavares would save him. Maybe MacKinnon. But otherwise, Flash is fantasy useless. And I wouldn’t hold my breath on a trade because it’s probably not happening until the deadline – and even then it may not happen because he’s really playing terrible. Who would want him?


Tyler Johnson has 17 points this season. Already. And 16 of them in the last 11 games. He’s still beating Stamkos in the scoring race after 14 games. So we should be taking bets – can he hold off Stamkos until the 25-game mark? Or 20? Or 15? Man, I gotta get the polls functionality back on this site. When I upgraded, I lost it. I’ll get that back on.


So I did a Rookie 101 mistake yesterday. I played the Draft Kings contest yesterday, still working through my $10 that I put in there a few weeks ago. And I did everything right – loaded up on Penguins, since they played the Sabres, grabbed the red-hot Tarasenko and his very cheap linemate Lehtera. But then blew it in net. I had Fleury in place after consulting Goalie Post to decide who to start – I then was tiny bit over budget and decided to cut back on the goalie spending to get under the cap. I went with Ben Bishop, and then clicked ‘submit’. It never even dawned on me to check if Bishop would start. After all – Nabokov really, truly sucks. I didn’t check Goalie Post. I just made my pick and clicked ‘submit’. ROOKIE. What an idiot.


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