An Axe to Grind – Dec. 03 Edition

Chris Pudsey




This week’s Axes are going to grind on Hemsky, Gomez, Gallagher, Rieder and Marty Brodeur. Strap yourself in…


Is Ales Hemsky the worst off-season signing this year?

Axeman's Grind

I had recently read a column that had listed Ales Hemsky as the worst off-season acquisition and looking at what Hemsky has done so far this year, it's hard to argue with it. This past off season, Hemsky signed a three year, 12 million dollar contract with the Stars after his short stint with Ottawa last year and at the time it seemed like a decent contract. There were some out there who expected Hemsky to sign for somewhere close to the five million he was making from his expiring deal, if not get a slight raise, but the Stars managed to snag him at a slight "discount" of only four million per season.