The Contrarian – Targeting Deadline Deals

Thomas Drance


Dave Nonis


The Contrarian has some advice for making deals at the fantasy hockey trade deadline.

Fantasy trade deadlines are coming up soon and Matt Larkin of The Hockey News has written an article on January 21st, 2015 called "Fantasy hockey: 20 trade targets for your stretch run" to get you ready.


The keys, as he puts it are "to target any player you believe (a) will have significant value down the stretch and (b) can be had for his proper price or anything less, even the tiniest discount." Pretty standard stuff, in fact it is the same stuff you would normally think of any time you are considering making a deal.


In the example he supplies, "GMs can be in any given league, placing such massive value on current numbers. Jakub Voracek is untouchable because 'he's the top guy in the whole game this year, come on.' Great player, but wouldn't you still trade him for a John Tavares?"


What he is doing is basically saying to trade away guys with surprise years for guys with proven reliability. In some other cases, trade for cheap players because they will not cost you much so go ahead and take a chance.


What is wrong with that? Nothing, I agree with the basic logic and so do all of you.

What is troubling are some of the evaluations in his list as I will explain. The quote immediately followed after the player's name is from Larkin's article. Any other quotes will be credited individually.


Tyson Barrie, "He's talented enough to produce at that elite level down the stretch again and won't cost a ton to acquire".


Ranked the 18th best defenseman (by points) won't cost a ton to acquire but should you? Currently day-to-day with a hip injury, the person who owns him has probably been delighted with his production of points, assists and a lack of penalty minutes (if your league runs that way) but there is not much else to Barrie for a roto league. In a points only league, you'll have to pay a fair value to get him on your roster. At best, you are trading an extra forward with