Capped: Krug and Smith Sign Extensions

Chris Pudsey




The cap league implications of the contract extensions for Krug and Smith.


This week the Bruins shored up a couple of their future by re-signing Torey Krug and Reilly Smith to new contracts. Krug signs a one-year deal for $3.4M and Smith signs a two-year deal with an annual cap hit of $3.425M. Last year, both had signed a one-year, bridge contract for $1.4M each. In this weeks Capped, we will take a look at both players and their new contracts to see if the value matches the price.




Torey Krug's new deal is only for one year. I am a bit surprised at the term on this deal, and to some extent, the dollar amount. If anything, I think the Bruins got a good deal here. Maybe the plan was to keep the term short so Krug can sign a more lucrative contract next year because $3.4M is below what most other defencemen have been signing for lately. 


Thanks to Frozen Pool, here's a look at his numbers this year and from his rookie year a season ago: