Top 10 Surprises 2014-15

Tom Collins




The top 10 fantasy hockey surprises of 2014-15.


While last week we looked at the top duds of the season, this week we're going more positive, looking at the top surprises of the season.


And there have been plenty of surprises. Michael Hutchinson and Andrew Hammond have each taken over the starting job on their respective teams at various points this year. Kris Letang has played the most games in a season since 2010-11. The race for the Art Ross is extremely tight, with lots of new names striving to be the league's top point-getter.


For this list, we're not going to include any rookies (they'll be getting their own list in a couple of weeks). Also, players had to have played at least 40 games at this point to eliminate small sample sizes, so no Hutchinson or Hammond.


10. Jakub Voracek


Many of us were waiting for Voracek to break out, but this season has to be a surprise even for supporters of the 25-year-old as he's in the running for the Art Ross. He's second in the league in assists and points. As a bonus, he's put up a career high 68 penalty minutes and 10 power-play goals. There's also an outside chance that he sets a career in shots (he's on pace for 230, his career high is 235).


9. John Carlson


Carlson has quietly put up another great season, and has been slowly wrestling the top power play spot away from Mike Green. Overall, Carlson is only three points away from posting a 50-point season. He has career highs in goals, assists and points, and is close to career highs in shots. He's also on pace for 200-plus blocked shots. Many expected him to continue to do well this season, but many also felt there was a ceiling on his production until Green leaves the Capitals, but Carlson is excelling even with Green in the lineup.