Geek of the Week – Biggest Hits

Terry Campkin



Who were Terry’s fantasy hockey geeks of the season?

It has been another fun and mostly successful year for the Geek of the Week, and I sincerely hope that everybody was able to find at least a nugget or two out of these columns to help power them to a championship. I managed to take down two of my four league's top honors, including my main keeper, so I am quite pleased with the 2014-15 season. Last week, I showed you how we definitely aren't perfect by outlining some of the biggest misses of the year. This week's column is a little more fun to write: Geek of the Week's biggest hits.

We managed to hit on quite a few of our profiled players this year, but for the purposes of this article (and with all due apologies to Dustin Byfuglien, Johnny Boychuk and Nick Bjugstad) I wanted to keep it to my favorite three – all of whom were waiver wire adds for me:

Nick Foligno

I got in early on Nick Foligno, with my article published way back on October 26. Foligno had started out hot and there was much doubt as to whether he could keep it up, but I cited his increased opportunity along with his elite peripherals as a reason that he needed to be acquired. I added him from the waiver wire for nothing.

Foligno finished the season with a whopping 71 points in a year where point output was down across the board. He also chipped in with 50 PIM and 193 hits, which is the reason I identified him as valuable to begin with. Here's how Foligno's value ended up in the league I grabbed him in: