Nail Yakupov vs. Jakob Silfverberg

Rick Roos




Who would you rather own in fantasy hockey – Nail Yakupov or Jakob Silfverberg? Analysis here!


One of the nice things about Cage Match is every time I think I've run out of good battles, it turns out the passage of time provides me with a fresh slate of new combatants. Case in point – this match would've been unthinkable two years ago and raised eyebrows this time last year; but now it seems appropriate. I'm talking about Nail Yakupov vs. Jakob Silfverberg. Will either fulfill what were very lofty initial expectations? And which represents the better player in terms of cost vs. value? Cage Match starts now!


Career Path and Contract/Cap Status

Yakupov was the first overall pick in the 2012 entry draft. To the surprise of no one – given his draft status and travails of the Oilers – he played all 48 games a rookie.