Top 10 Most Likely First Time 70 point scorers

Tom Collins


10 forwards poised to crack the all-important 70 point mark in 2015-16

Last week, we looked at players who could possible score 50 goals for the first time this season. This week, the focus is on players who could get 70 points for the first time.

Scoring 70 points in today's NHL is not easy. Only 19 players had at least 70 points last season, but with only six hitting the mark for the first time (Ryan Johansen, Tyler Johnson, Vladimir Tarasenko, Nick Foligno, Jiri Hudler, and Jakub Voracek).

Zeroing in on a guy about to break out in points is key to fantasy success. You need these players in your line-up if you're going for a championship; and if you're rebuilding, on-ice success drives up the price for trading away older skaters.

So which players have the best chance to hit 70 points for the first time this season? Read on.


10. Patrick Hornqvist

To get 70 points, Hornqvist would need to beat his career high by 17 points. But he was on pace for 65 points last year, until various injuries cost him opportunities to play with the Penguins superstars. The addition of Phil Kessel should help Hornqvist as well. Kessel gives Hornqvist another goal-scorer to pass to, which could lead to more assists and a realistic shot at 70 points.


9. Logan Couture

In the last four seasons, Couture had one campaign where he missed 17 games to injury, plus there was the lockout-shortened year. If we prorate those seasons, then in the last four, he'd be at 65, prorated 63, prorated 68, and 67. So he's pretty consistent player when it comes to points-per-game. The Sharks are going through a bit of a purgatory, as they are not rebuilding, and not really “going for it” either. Basically, they seem to be stuck in the middle. So it's tough to say what is going to happen with the Sharks players, especially with new coach Peter DeBoer on the scene. But knowing Couture has been so close to 70 on so many occasions merits his inclusion on this list.


8. Max Pacioretty

Like last week in the potential 50-goal scorers column, the same applies to Pacioretty here. He needs better linemates than what he's getting. According to