Top 300 Keeper League Players – October 2015



The Top 300 fantasy hockey players to own in a points-only keeper league, October edition…


Well, there is absolutely no movement in the Top 40 this month, but then things start to get interesting…This list is also being carried by Sportsnet. These are for points-only no-position keeper leagues and they factor in the upcoming season (immediate return), the player's upside, the player's likely three-year best average, proneness to injury, offensive strength of his team, and years away from prime (before or after). In general, a value of +/- 5.0 rating points is indicative of a similar player in trade value, depending on a) your needs b) your mood c) what side of the bed you woke up on.



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Oct Player Team DEF? Rating Sep Aug Change
1 Sidney Crosby PIT   191.0 1 1 0
2 John Tavares NYI   173.7 2 2 0
3 Connor McDavid EDM   168.6 3 3 0