November 11 2015



Rambling about Daily Fantasy under fire; Carey Price, Jake Allen, Reto Berra, Jack Eichel and more …


The Carey Price injury is getting a little worrisome. Everyone is too quiet about it. His “lower body injury” was supposed to hold him out for a week and now he’ll be out for a second week. And as I said here over a week ago – Mike Condon will go 4-0-0 in Price’s absence. Well, now Condon will go 7-0-1. The ridiculous numbers will continue because this is a well-coached team with a strong defense, a strong defensive system and Condon is an above-average goalie. And because this Price thing could go to three weeks or even four, suddenly I wonder if Condon could end up with similar numbers as The Hamburgler had last season. That is – an unreal win/loss record and extremely low SV% and GAA. Long-term, Condon could play his way into a starting job with another team. That won’t be until the summer of 2017 though, I’m sure. And will the result be Cam Talbot? Chad Johnson? Neither has been that impressive. Or will the result be Devan Dubnyk? Stay tuned…


Well, now they’ve gone and done it. DraftKings and FanDuel crossed the line with the whole insider-gate thing and now Daily Fantasy Sports is illegal in New York. When FanDuel first came out, I was very much afraid of this very thing happening. I was afraid that they would blur the line between legal fantasy sports the way we know it (i.e. season-long fantasy teams competing against each other) and straight up gambling (wagering on a single game). The blurred line would eventually lead to legal challenges and actual fun, harmless, real fantasy sports would be dragged along with it. Disclosure: I was partners with Fan Duel for two years early on, and have been partners with DraftKings for three years now (and currently still partners). Their sponsorship money is very much the reason why I paid for the site upgrades/re-launch and can pay the writers on this site now. DFS will get through this, it will just be a long and painful process that could sling regular fantasy sports through the mud for a little while. But it will get through it because so many hu