December 28, 2015

steve laidlaw


Hellebuyck's first shutout, the importance of Letang, dropping Stastny, Boedker still under the radar and more.

Connor Hellebuyck with his first career shutout. Stick tap to Tyler Myers for a couple of huge blocks let in the game while Hellebuyck was down and out that helped to secure the win. Hellebuyck’s record climbs to 6-3-0. If this was purely about merit, Hellebuyck would be the Jets’ #1 the rest of the year but that’s not how this works.

Ondrej Pavelec continues to loom over this whole situation. Also looming, the reality that the Jets just aren’t good enough this season. We aren’t close to these guys throwing in the towel but by February, if they are still this far out we could see some big changes.

It seems inevitable that Dustin Byfuglien is on his way out. No sense in keeping him if he remains unsigned and the team isn’t competing. Andrew Ladd is also an unrestricted free agent this summer though it seems more likely that he will sign an extension because his demands are smaller and there is no clear replacement for him on the roster.

Any such moves could leave the Jets in a weaker state than they are already in. Not necessarily a winning environment. It could be best if Hellebuyck is sent down, thus avoiding exposure to this situation. Or maybe he plays well enough to convince the Jets’ brass to go for it again. After all, if not for Hellebuyck’s recent run the Jets could be favourites for Austin Matthews.

So as much as I am all about punching that one way ticket to Hellebuyck, understand that this could get ugly.

No Mark Scheifele for the Jets. He was out with a confirmed concussion. No timeline for his return.

Check out the Jets’ lines without Scheifele: