Ramblings: Strome, Ullmark’s future, Big Joe (Jan.13)



Rambling about a sneaky ‘buy low’ candidate, Ullmark’s future, never doubt Big Joe,  and more …


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Calgary’s mayor (Naheed Nenshi) is clearly not a hockey fan. Not that it’s a bad thing. Or a good thing. I’m neutral on the subject. But Gary Bettman basically told him that the city would need to chip in for a new arena and if they didn’t then the billionaire ownership would leave town. He didn’t say that in so many words, but we all know the result. And Nenshi actually refused to meet with Bettman because he figured that Bettman would have nothing new to bring to the table.

He’s right. But that doesn’t mean it will be good for Calgary.

The owners don’t care. They’re not bluffing and they’re not making a threat. This is just a common sense approach, from the standpoint of a rich person. Billionaires need to make money. If that ever stops, then they’ll do something different to make money. In this case, it would mean moving the team. The only effort the NHL and the Calgary owners will do to keep the Flames in that city is float a couple of proposals to the city with little room for compromise. Can’t do it? Bye. That simple. And with the dollar the way it is, the decision becomes that much simpler. So yes, good on Nenshi for playing hardball. For standing up for Calgary’s non-hockey fans (and even some of their hockey fans). The Flames are probably on their way out, though. If Calgary’s taxpayers won’t do it, another city’s taxpayers will.

There’s one thing I know with absolute 100 percent certainty – the billionaires will continue to make money.


Brock Nelson is developing a reputation as being quite the streaky player. He’s had slumps this season of a point in eight games, and a point in nine games. His four-point game last night gives him 11 points in 13. He was clicking last night with Josh Bailey and Anders Lee, though was not on th