Ramblings: 10 Quality Trade Candidates (June 15)



Ramblings: My Top 10 big name trade candidates for this summer…and more…


The Fantasy Prospect Report is now finalized – just put the updated document into your downloads now, so have at’er. Mock Draft is in there, as well as eight new profiles. A must-own resource for any keeper league owner – 198 pages. It’s my 10th annual edition, so by now I know exactly what the reader is looking for – and this is it.


I’ve been saying for the past year that this summer’s free agent market will be the best that I’ve ever seen. And as July 1st approaches and none of the big names have signed, it’s looking pretty bang-on. In fact, this might be the best free agent market we will see…ever. Teams that need to solve some serious roster problems over the course of four or five years could conceivably shave two or three years off of that number by taking advantage, provided they have the cap space. Fans of Canadian teams should be especially interested in this because none of the teams made the postseason and most of them have cap room and at least some semblance of a rebuilding plan.

But it’s not just the rebuilding teams that will be looking to make some changes. But these established teams have cap problems that they need to solve. So the domino effect here is that there will be more big-name trades this summer than you usually see. Generally what we would see are four or five reasonably notable names moving from one team to another over the course of three or maybe four trades. This summer, we could enjoy twice that amount. Enjoy it! I doubt this perfect storm will happen again, or at least it won’t happen for a long, long time.

So who will be traded? I have some ideas. Here are my 10 big names with the highest likelihood of moving to a new city (in order of likelihood – in my humble opinion, of course):


10. Tyler Bozak – The Leafs just signed Nazem Kadri long-term. And they’re likely drafting Auston Matthews. If they sign Steven Stamkos, where does that leave Bozak (who has two years left on his contract)?

9. Frederik Andersen – The Ducks have two goaltenders who are Top 10 caliber. No need to pull a St. Louis and keep them both, right? The organization seems to favor Gibson, so that’s who they’ll keep. Personally, I think Andersen is more talented so there is a lucky team out there that will see a big improvement between the pipes when they acquire him.

8. Marc-Andre Fleury – Fleury could win 40 games next year for the Pens. But so could Matt Murray. In fact, there is nothing that Fleury can do that Murray can’t. Keeping both would just see each of them playing 40 or 45 games next season and having a possible controversy heading into the playoffs. An expansion draft next year would cost the team Fleury for nothing, and moving him now will give the team a lot of breathing room under the cap.