Ramblings – Top-Five FA Fantasy Signings and more (July 2)

Neil Parker


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Talking the Friday fantasy marathon, Top-Five FA Fantasy signings, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Tampa Bay and more …


Friday was a marathon.

It was an insane stretch for fantasy analysts unparalleled in any sport at any time.

Perhaps, trying to recap and provide fantasy advice on the heels of 16 National Football League games is similar, but at least they're spread out. And, really, with the Thursday night game, Sunday night game and Monday night game, it's more like 10 Sunday afternoon games to cover.

So, again, Friday was out of control.

From what I can tell, there were 197 signings yesterday, according to GeneralFanager.com.


The Dobber Team covered 23 of the biggest signings, which can be found right here. Standing ovations to Dobber, Cliffy and Ian.


I chipped in a few articles, but I also have a USA TODAY shift Fridays, so I posted approximately 20 signings and another 20 Major League Baseball updates over a five-hour stretch there.

So, with that in mind, I'm going to throw a list of the top-five fantasy signings — on top of a few notes I had prepped beforehand — and shy away from diving into the ins and outs of too many of the deals. It's been done, and you've got enough to catch up on and browse in that regard already.

Instead, I'm going to fire out my questionable opinion and stir up a bunch of angry comments that'll likely have you all quadruple guessing my comprehension of the game, if you weren't already.

But first, I'll share the few notes I had prepared before the madness began Friday at 12 p.m. ET.




Columbus president of hockey operations John Davidson was on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown Tuesday, and he discussed the selection of Pierre-Luc Dubois.

Here is a rough summary of what Davidson said.

He noted the organization has confidence in their scouting staff and Dubios was the player ranked higher on their board. He highlighted twice in his career where he was questioned about picks (Marian Hossa and Alex Pietrangelo) and they turned out alright.

Dubios' character, combine performance and ability to play all three forward positions were keys. Davidson noted the muscle Dubios added over the season was impressive, and Dubios' upside was second to none in the draft class.

Additionally, Davidson said Dubios was a heavily targeted player, and a lot of other team officials commented on how high their individual teams were on Dubios.

Somewhat in response to the criticism the pick received, Davidson discussed the reality of dealing down in the draft and then missing the player you expected to select after trading down. So, when the right deal