Top 100 Keeper League Goalies – July



The top 100 goalies to own in fantasy hockey keeper leagues, July edition. New faces/new places…


These rankings are based on keeper leagues, but how much they can help you this year plays a big part – more so than with skaters. This is because the goaltending position fluctuates so much. One day you're a starter, the next day a rookie stud steals your job, the day after that the hotshot rookie gets injured and the job is yours again. Injury proneness and how much a goalie has to share the net also plays a significant role.

Because of how the position fluctuates, it's best to compare goalies within their tier. One Tier 1 goalie is as good as another in terms of risk/reward balance.


This month – Allen, Elliott, Bernier with adjustments. The 2016 draftees were added, though because each one is at least four years away only one (barely) cracked the Top 100…


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As always, go to GOALIE POST for the full list of 100 goalies.


Jul 20 Goalie Team Rating Jun 20 Tier
1 Braden Holtby WAS 118.6 1 0
2 Carey Price MON 111.3 2 0