Frozen Pool Forensics: Regression Expectations, Part Two

Cam Robinson


This week's Frozen Pool Forensics is the second part of the series in expected regressions. 


We’re back this week to feature a few more candidates who are destined to disappoint their fantasy owners. Whether it be due to an unsustainable scoring rate, new competition, a change in role or that darn father time catching up, regression comes for us all, so put a little asterisk next to these guys come draft day and beware of buying too high.


Part one of this series can be viewed here


We’ll also be trying out some of the awesome new features from Dobber’s Frozen Pool Report Generator page that is now a comprehensive resource for all your stat digging needs.




Artemi Panarin


Average point-per-game output last season: 0.96


The darling of everyone’s fantasy league last season, Artemi Panarin came out of nowhere (see: KHL) and took the NHL by storm. A classic late-bloomer, the undrafted and soon-to-be 25-year-old took his time establishing himself as a prolific producer over in Russia before crossing the pond into what can only be described as the ideal situation for any rookie.


What Went Right in 2015-16?


Pretty well everything. Panarin found immediate chemistry opposite one of the most skilled and dynamic players in the league, Patrick Kane. Together the two roasted the opposition to a combined 183 total points – 69 of which came with the man-advantage.


Even Strength Line Production (53)



Line Combination