Frozen Pool Forensics: A Rookie Class for the Ages – Part 2

Cam Robinson


Mitch Marner - USA TODAY Sports Images


In our continuing look at one of the most dominant freshman classes in recent memory, it seemed criminal to squeeze all this goodness into just two parts. As such, we’ll have a third and final instalment come out where Frozen Pool Forensics will focus in on our final two standing for the coveted Calder Memorial Trophy.

This week, we hone in on those players battling it out for a likely third place honour (as well as a couple others). These players have produced staggeringly well for both their real life and fantasy squads and likely propelled more than a few teams to the ultimate goal of a championship and bragging rights over their ramshackle group of friends.


Mitch Marner


Remember back in September when Mitch Marner’s name was brought up and almost all the questions focused around whether this skinny, junior-high looking kid could handle the physicality of the NHL? Boy does that seem like a lifetime ago.

There have been the expected ebbs and flows of a rookie season with the ultra-talented, 19-year-old freshman, but taking the overall picture painted through 2016-17 must be considered a near masterpiece.

Marner blistered onto the scene recording 18 points through his first 21 contests and looked right at home on the Leafs second line and second power-play unit alongside James van Riemsdyk and Tyler Bozak. That trio saw virtually all their ice time together throughout the entire season.


Even Strength Line Combinations


Line Combination