Ramblings: Dobber’s back! With too much fantasy hockey talk to summarize… (Oct 25)




Ramblings: Dobber’s back! Too much fantasy hockey rambling to summarize… (Oct 25)


We’re only about nine games into the season and my knee-jerk reactions to what’s happened so far is kept to a minimum. I’ll pick up a few minor pieces based on strong early play and drop the guys I had already earmarked for streaming purposes or as failed sleepers. But 90% of my team is intact and I’ll hold true to my drafting. Usually that works, occasionally it doesn’t – but if it doesn’t, then flailing around in a panic certainly won’t help matters. Of note:

1. The Oilers are a playoff team and a great one. So they’ll get going at some point and when they do – all of their players will go nutty on the scoreboard. Let’s just hope this suffering won’t be as prolonged as the Penguins a couple of years ago. Remember, the Pens fired Mike Johnston on December 12, 2015. Then the players really took off. I shot from eighth place to second by March. But December, as I learned, was a tad too late. I couldn’t close the deal. But had this started in mid-November, then it would have been plenty of time. Anyway, point is, as long as the Oilers don’t take until mid-December, they will get it together and some of their players right now are a ‘buy low’. I’m talking about Oskar Klefbom, Milan Lucic, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Cam Talbot and even Ryan Strome.

2. The Kings suck. I felt this way in the summer and I still stubbornly cling to the notion today. Right now they are enjoying the ‘new coach surge’. But as with Vegas, Los Angeles will start to sink. The Jeff Carter injury makes that statement a lot easier to say, too.

3. Toronto and Chicago will slow down – both in wins and in scoring. The Leafs are on the rise and the Blackhawks are moving in the opposite direction. That’s how I felt in the summer and nine games won’t change that. But the prolific scoring has been fun to watch.


There are other things that I don’t buy, so let’s run through another edition of ‘Dobber’s Not Buying It’. And by “another”, I of course mean “I’ve never done it before and may not do it again”…

Not buying Dustin Brown. I’m all in with the Anze Kopitar resurgence, but when Brown’s decline started, he got tons of quality ice time and PP time and still didn’t produce. Year after year he was tried on the top line and given PP time on many trial bases, but he failed. Now, with a new coach, it’s working? Not buying it. Advanced sta