Top 100 Keeper League Goaltenders – August 2018



Here are the Top 100 goaltenders to own in your fantasy hockey keeper leagues…


Yeah yeah, I know – late again. Big time. But the vacation season is over now (I managed to squeeze in three mini-vacays in the second half of August) and I'm here all the way through the season's start. Not much in terms of changes this month, as only Dustin Tokarski signed with the Rangers (and he moved up a lot, but still not enough to crack the Top 100 though close). I also tweaked Carey Price and Thomas Greiss – I'm a poet and I didn't know it. With Price I really agonized, again, about moving him into the second tier. But in the end I just can't in good conscience advise my readers that he is as strong a selection as the other Tier 1 guys. Talent-wise he may be the best, or close to it. But injury-wise and team-wise he has certainly fallen.


This month I put the FULL Top 100 list over at Goalie Post and only have the Top 20 below. I not only want to remind you of Goalie Post and the starting goalie grid (set up now), but also you can sign up for emails. Free email notifications. And finally – I want to show you our new logo over there. Goalie Post has a new banner and logo! The B2B schedules and weekly schedules are up and ready for your review as well!


Also – pick up the 13th annual DobberHockey Fantasy Guide right here – updated always. Simply re-download the document whenever you want and it will be the updated one.


Tomorrow I will have the Top 50 Prospect Goaltenders, and I plan to have the Top 300 skaters and Top 100 defensemen later this week.


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