Top 300 Keeper League Skaters – November 2018




Here are the Top 300 players to own in your points-only fantasy hockey keeper leagues.


You guys never read this, but here it is again for the good of my health (deep breath):

This is for a standard points-only keeper league (count top XX players out of YY players on your roster at the end of the year). This means there is no IR and positions aren't accounted for. Players within +/- 5.0 rating points of each other should be considered equal and at that point becomes based on personal bias or team need. I factor in injury risk, three-year outlook, this year's outlook, upside, and team scoring potential.

To forestall the Tavares/Matthews/Marner debate: the players are each within 5.0 ratings of each other and should be considered equal. I gave this a lot of thought and indeed if I owned any one of these three, I would not trade him for one of the others. Period. If own Matthews, I am not trading him for Marner. If I own Marner, I am not trading him for Matthews – keep in mind this is because Matthews was hurt twice last year and is already hurt this year. Seems like a risk already. Higher upside, but in the above-described standard league format – there is no IR. So Matthews missing 10 games per year means 10 or 15 fewer points. And if I own Tavares, I am not trading him for either of the other two (nor if I owned one of the other two I wouldn't trade him for Tavares). I don't trade for the sake of trading. Each of these players offers something. All have high upside, some higher than others. Each have varied amounts of injury risks. Tavares has a long track record. I plugged in the numbers, this is what I got – and I'm quite happy with it. 


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Click on a player name to be taken to his fantasy profile – a page that I had custom designed to best fit what a fantasy owner is looking for in a player page. And if you don't see something you want to see on that page, let me know via contact at the bottom and I will add it. Because I think it's best play