Top 100 Keeper League Goaltenders – December 2018



Here are the Top 100 fantasy hockey goaltenders to own in your keeper leagues.


Goaltender values move up and down with greater fluctuation than any other position, and the 2018-19 season has taken this to an extreme. Just going through the list on a quick, first-blush adjustment saw vast changes to the list overall. Going through it with more scrutiny resulted in even more tweaks. At the rate goalies are slumping, surging or getting hurt this season, I feel like I could post this list every day with big changes.

With the crazy value jumps (and dives), it is best to take the long approach when it comes to keeper leagues. Especially if your transactions are limited. Stick to the tiers, as goalies within the same tier are going to have similar value when looking ahead a year or two without ignoring the current production. For sticklers who truly need to see an order with different ratings, I have left the ratings in place. But beyond the tiers, I am not married to Goalie X being ahead of Goalie Y. I factor in this year and the next, as well as long-term upside, proneness to injury and of course – how well the team is doing. The latter is very important because one category that is in all leagues is: wins. 


As always, the FULL Top 100 list is over at Goalie Post, where you can get your starting goalie information in a timely manner, and can even have the latest updates emailed to you for free. Just click Top 100 Goalies in the main menu over at Goalie Post.

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Dec 20 Goalie Team Rating Nov 20 Tier