Ramblings: Fiala signs; Toronto drama; players to avoid this year – September 12

Michael Clifford



Another RFA was knocked off the TBD board as the Wild signed winger Kevin Fiala to a two-year deal carrying an average annual value of $3M. The 23-year old winger had a breakout in 2017-18 with 23 goals and 48 points, but regressed production-wise in 2018-19 with just 13 goals and 39 points.

I wrote about Fiala in August and what was said then holds true now. This is a guy who has shown the ability to shoot a lot, to score, and he has a lot of good underlying metrics like his zone exits/entries with possession. This guy does a lot of things we look for in productive offensive players and he’s being virtually forgotten about. He’s not worth a look in shallower leagues, but if I’m in a league where we’re rostering close to 300 players, he’s absolutely worth serious consideration.


Just as a general observation, it really does seem like we need to start preparing to begin the fantasy season without Mitch Marner playing for the Leafs. Whether he’s traded or still unsigned, if he’s not in the lineup opening night, that has a cascade of effects throughout the lineup. How does this affect John Tavares? Who replaces Marner on the power play, and who replaces him on the top line? Do they still stack the top power play or go to two even units? Something to ponder. 


The terms ‘undervalued’ and ‘overvalued’ are relative terms in fantasy hockey. They are relative to each individual owner, each individual league, and each individual scoring setting. A player I might think is overvalued is someone you may think is perfectly valued, while a player that is overvalued in leagues counting real-time stats, for example, may be undervalued in points-only formats.

With that in mind, I want to discuss some players I believe are being overvalued. At this point, we have *some* ADP data, we have rankings from many sources around the industry, as well as other data