Ramblings: Latest on Byfuglien; Answering Your Questions About Barkov, Cirelli, and More Centers

Ian Gooding


The latest on Dustin Byfuglien, according to the Bobfather:

This isn’t Winnipeg sending a message to punish Byfuglien or anything like that. It’s simply a paper transaction that will allow the Jets to free up Big Buff’s cap space. That should improve the likelihood that Kyle Connor and Patrik Laine are signed sooner, although it by no means should hint that a signing of either winger is imminent.

As for Byfuglien, this news should also mean that he’s not anywhere close to making a decision. One scenario could be a 2007-08 Scott Niedermayer or 2008-09 Mats Sundin-type decision that results in a midseason return, should Byfuglien return at all. If you’ve already drafted him (like I have in one league), your best bet is to simply stash him on your bench and wait it out, unless you are in a shallow league with very little bench space.


There were several great questions posted in the comments of yesterday’s Ramblings, where I grouped centers. Enough for me to generate nearly an entire Ramblings out of these questions, in fact.

Looking back, I think my groups were okay, although I know any kind of rankings are always subject to debate. I’ll admit that I was a bit rushed in puttin