Dobbernomics 2019-20: Now With Kickass Prizes




The FREE Dobbernomics 2019-20 game has opened for registration. Take on the world – show us your fantasy hockey skills and win one of a dozen prizes!


Dobbernomics – where the stock market meets fantasy hockey – is completely free to play. Set up a league, get your friends into it, kick their ass, win prizes. In that order.


Until the regular season starts you have unlimited transactions so you can fill your roster under the $50M salary cap and change it a hundred times over the next few days if you wish. Once the season beings, you get five (5) transactions per week (they can carry over, you don’t have to use them). The idea is to get your team the most points in the regular season… but also get the highest team value.

You see, players are assigned a value and that value rises or falls based on overall ownership. This takes “buy low” and “sell high” to another level! A team, for example, starts off with a total value of $50M. Three months later that value could be $63.44M. If you add a player at $7.50 and a few days later switch him out for another player – and his value had risen to $7.82, then your team value just went up to $50.32. Now you have more cap space to play with. A player's value will rise like that if a lot of other people in the game own that player. If they all 'sell' on him though, and you're left still holding him, then perhaps his value dips to $7.18. That means your team value drops to $49.68. It's to your advantage to increase your team value, because you can get better players if you have more cap space.


(Login using your Dobber Sports login and create your team here!)


(Sample of the header on your team page once you add $49.90 worth of players)


Points are accrued  as follows:


Goals     2.5

Assists  2.5

+/-          1.0

Penalty Minut