Top 10 Players to Sell High On

Tom Collins



One of the most difficult aspects of fantasy hockey is figuring when to sell high on a player.

You want to trade the player during a hot streak, but it’s tough to do so when the player is doing so well for it. It’s even tougher at the start of the season when you haven’t seen that player slump yet. Most often, you don’t realize a player was at his peak until it’s too late and he’s lost some value.

It’s important to note that there’s a difference between selling high and selling. Just look at Yanni Gourde and Brayden Point. Last year, the teammates both had eight points in their first seven games. It was still close a few weeks later, as Gourde had 17 points in 16 games and Point had 19 points. Of course, one of those players finished with 48 points and the other with 92.

Selling high on Gourde would have been the smart play, but you know there were fantasy general managers who traded away Point thinking he had reached his peak. Before making a trade for someone who is off to a fast start, there are numerous factors you need to look at, such as linemates, power-play time, overall ice time, inflated shooting percentage, etc.

Below are 10 players that are probably at their highest value already this season. Just remember that a player on a hot streak doesn’t mean you need to trade him, it’s just that their values will probably never be higher.


10. Andre Burakovsky

You won’t get as much for Burakovsky as others on this list, but you’ll also never get more for him either. He’s in the same position in Colorado as he was in Washington: On an offensive team with a wicked power play, where he won’t get to play with elite linemates or that top power-play unit. Last year was a bad season for Burakovsky, but this year’s ice time and power-play time is pretty close to what he was getting in Washington before 2018-19. One good thing, outside of the eight points in eight games, is that he is averaging just over two shots a game, a significant uptick from the 1.48 shots per game he averaged during his career in Washington. By the way, one Yahoo general manager managed to trade Burakovsky straight up for Sebastian Aho on the weekend, proof positive that it never hurts to ask.