Fantasy Poll: Slow Starts or Time to Revise Expectations?

Rick Roos



Much of the buzz during these first few weeks of the season has rightfully focused on players who’ve had unexpectedly hot starts. The focus of today’s poll, however, is the other end of the spectrum – that is, underperforming players……at least thus far. The poll question is a simple one – which of these 20 currently disappointing players do you think will right their ships. In other words, which players, despite their poor starts, will still end up with a final point total that is no less than what was their projected full season scoring expectation (according to the DobberHockey Fantasy Guide).

You can vote for as many or as few players as you believe will reach their predicted scoring total. The choices are listed below, in alphabetical order along with their current 82 game scoring pace (through October 20th) and their preseason projected scoring total according to the DobberHockey Fantasy Guide. As always, although these polls are meant to be enjoyable, please vote objectively so your fellow Dobberites can count upon the results to shape decisions in terms of trades or roster moves.


Sebastian Aho (Current Scoring Pace = 27 points; Projected Scoring Total = 86 points)

Not only does Aho have a mere three points on the seasons thus far, but two have also come with the other team’s net empty and he’s yet to produce even a single point with the man advantage. And although his SOG rate is even better than it had been in his prior seasons, his ice time is down by a minute and his PP time by 30 seconds, which is not a recipe for better than a point per game production. While it’s difficult to rule out a player as talented as Aho, he’s never scored more than 24 points in a quarter, so it might be tough for him to dig out of this hole and still reach his projected 86 points.