Top 10 Players With a ‘Zero’ Stat

Tom Collins



Unless it’s your netminder getting a shutout, there’s almost nothing worse than seeing a zero in a box score next to the fantasy players you own. It reminds me of the frustration that former Toronto Raptors coach Sam Mitchell showed with some of his players in 2004. “We had guys with stats lines that read zero, zero, zero, zero.”

What makes it even worse is when you look at the season stats for some of the players you own in fantasy hockey, and you still see that zero sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s not a game or two, it’s been about 20 games, and these players aren’t contributing anything to a category that you may be needing help with.

Below are 10 categories where some fantasy-relevant players have been zero help to your fantasy squad. For some of the categories, I list a few of the players that qualify but focus on one player. Suffice to say, I could have easily done a top-10 list on four or five of these groupings.

To give us a baseline, I looked at skaters that have played a minimum of 10 games and goalies who have played at least five games.

I will give a freebie as well. Not too many leagues count this statistic, but I was once in a league that counted shootout saves and shootout goals against. For those that may be in similar leagues, Martin Jones has allowed zero goals on 10 shootout shots. It’s only been two shootouts for him, but a zero is a zero.


10. Games Played

Going into the season, Dustin Byfuglien was, on average, the seventh defenseman selected in Yahoo drafts. Now, that number may be slightly skewed because of the timing of the announcement that he was taking time off, but most leagues would have had their draft after the Sept. 13 announcement.  There was much optimism that it would be a temporary hiatus, but it’s since become complicated. Surprisingly, he’s still owned in 31 per cent of Yahoo pools as of Sunday.


9. Losses

Of all the goaltenders who have played at least five games, Ryan Miller is the only one with zero regulation losses. It’s only been six games, and he has lost two in overtime. In leagues that still award points for an overtime loss, that still gives some value. It also means that he’s given an excellent streaming option for fantasy ge