Top 100 Keeper League Goaltenders – November 2019



Here are the top goaltenders to own in your keeper leagues – November edition!


Value goaltenders by Tiers, not by ranking. Ranking is there for splitting hairs, but no formula is perfect. A goalie within a tier is as good as another.


With the fluctuation of goaltender values, generally speaking you should not look further ahead than two years. Exceptions for the elite only (such as Shesterkin, Samsonov, etc.).


Click on any player name to be taken to his customized fantasy profile. Below are the Top 31 goaltenders. For the full Top 100, visit Goalie Post (the list is here).


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Coming Thursday – the twice annual Top 50 Fantasy Prospect Goaltenders. Watch for it!


Nov 20 Goalie Team Rating Oct 20 Tier
1 Andrei Vasilevskiy TBL 90.1 1 0
2 Frederik Andersen TOR 89.4 2 0