Ramblings: Russia blows it, Jones blows it, Kubalik, Trenin, Sprong looking good and more (Jan 06)




Ramblings: Russia blows it, Jones blows it, Kubalik, Trenin, Sprong looking good and more (Jan 06)


The Midseason Guide is out this coming Friday! Shooting to drop this at 3pm EST that afternoon. Pre-order it here, or wait until the last minute. It’s not like online shops have lineups. By popular demand, I have added a spreadsheet. The projections are still in the PDF, but I have also added them to a spreadsheet. There will be a coupon code in the PDF that allows you to get that spreadsheet for free, so don’t buy it. This was the only way I could add a spreadsheet without putting it into your accounts one at a time.


I started my Sunday afternoon with some fantastic hockey and if you were into hockey over football then I’m sure you did the same. Bouncing back and forth between Washington and San Jose, to Team Canada and Team Russia, I locked onto the NHL game to watch a comeback from a two-goal deficit late – to turn into a Caps OT victory. And then locked into the WJC in time to watch the full comeback from being down 3-1 for Team Canada to win it. I did feel like that over-the-glass call should not have been reversed and Team Canada should have been down 5-on-3 at the end. So that made the cheering a little reserved on my part when they won. I can’t help how I feel! It would have been more excited had they killed off the penalty and still won. But I just know the Russians question that call and thus question the entire win. When I get a win, I like it to be undisputed. Ah well, it is what it is.

I won’t get too much into the WJC here. We have an awesome WJC page right here – with stories, breakdowns, observations – everything you need. But for what it’s worth, I have a few quick bullet points:

– I come out of this most excited about Samuel Fagemo (Kings), who led the tourney in scoring. The Kings are rebuilding, so the prospects are going to hit the NHL sooner than on a lot of other teams. Therefore, I love the upside and I love the wait time (i.e. not long).