Fantasy Mailbag: How to Deal With Aging Stars, A Kucherov Rebound, & An Alex Tuch Breakout?

Rick Roos



After a delay due to the must-read Fantasy Top Ten of the Decade lists that were published the past two weeks, Roos Lets Loose is back, this week with another Mailbag. And although the number of questions I received paled in comparison to letters written to Santa, unlike with Kris Kringle there are no lumps of coal in stockings here – only thorough answers to your inquiries while also providing advice that should be useful to poolies even if they don’t own the specific players mentioned in the questions/answers.


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Question #1 (from DR)

What are your thoughts on Alex Tuch? He’s nowhere close to the 400-game “Breakout Threshold,” plus he’s a big player, perhaps delaying his breakout even further. But he’s shown flashes of serious skill; and despite his size, he can play with finesse. What are your expectations for him in for the rest of this year and the next couple of seasons? What do you see as his ultimate trajectory and upside?


After posting 52 points at age 22 in his second full season, many poolies figured Tuch was on the verge of a true breakout. And truth be told – he might have that breakout in him; however, he’s on the wrong team for it to happen. That’s because Vegas seems content to deploy Tuch in a way that does not lend itself to him being able to put up lots of points, as there are six full time forwards who average 16:30+ per game, then everyone else – including Tuch – who average at or below 15:00 per contest. Moreover, of the six who skate north of 16:30 per game, all make more money than Tuch and five of the six are under contract through 2021-22, with the other, Paul Stastny – the only one of the six below 17:30 per game- inked through next season, and Stastny plays center, which is not Tuch’s position. So there are apparent roadblocks to Tuch landing in a spot that would be conducive to high scoring any time soon.


Is it possible that Tuch could force the team&rs