Ramblings: Updates for Stephen Johns and Byfuglien; Williams; dive on Cirelli – January 9

Michael Clifford



Major news for the Dallas Stars as defenceman Stephen Johns was loaned to the AHL for a conditioning assignment. That means he’s finally moved beyond from his post-concussion issues that have kept him out of the NHL for nearly two years.

I guess I should be careful with the verbiage and avoid saying he’s recovered. To say someone’s recovered from a concussion is both true and not. Regardless, that he’s even cleared to be back in game action, even if it’s in the AHL for now, is wonderful news. It looked like this may be something that would not only keep him out of hockey but adversely affect the rest of his life. Best wishes to the young man on a successful career and long-term health.


Just a sweet little moment for Dougie Hamilton and his grandmother watching him from home after he scored the overtime winner the other night:




An update on Dustin Byfuglien: