Forum Buzz: Nylander or DeBrincat, Hold or Sell Huberdeau, Can Trocheck Rebound?

Rick Roos


After a bit longer than usual break due to the holidays and all the great top ten for the decade columns, it’s time again for another edition of Forum Buzz. This is a column where I peruse the DobberHockey Forums and weigh in on active, heavily debated, or otherwise relevant threads from the past month, reminding everyone how great of a resource the Forums are. Pretty much anything might be covered, other than trades and signings, which usually will get their own separate write-ups on the main site and are also covered in the next day’s Ramblings, or questions specific to salary cap issues, which is the domain of Alex MacLean’s weekly Capped column.

As a reminder, you can access the actual forum thread on which the question is based by clicking on the “Topic” for each question.

Topic #1Has William Nylander become a better own in a points-only league than Alex DeBrincat?

If this was a year ago, this question likely wouldn’t have been posed, as Nylander was struggling to get reacclimated after an extended holdout while DeBrincat was in the midst of a certified breakout. But as things stand now, the question is definitely relevant.

First and foremost, although Nylander has played longer, he’s only a year older than DeBrincat. Neither, however, has hit his 400 game “breakout threshold,” so it’s reasonable to expect both could improve in the coming years.

One key with Nylander is his enhanced production in the post-Babcock era. What’s interesting, though, is Nylander’s overall deployment hasn’t actually improved under Keefe. In fact, Nylander played 18:00+ in just under 50% (i.e., 11 of 23) of the games that Babcock coached this season before being dismissed, but in a slightly lower percentage (11 of 26) since Keefe took the helm on November 20. Digging deeper, however, there&rsqu