Frozen Tools Forensics: Multi-Cat Defensemen Past and Present

Chris Kane


Given that we don't have a lot of new information to use the last week, and we don't know what the future of the NHL season looks like, the next couple columns are going to try and take a look back and compare what we are seeing thus far in 2019-20 to what has happened over the last several seasons. I had originally hoped to touch on multi-category players this week (prior to the season being paused) so I decided to keep that theme, but instead of advising what players might be available to grab we will look at high performers in 2019-20 and how their performances compare to the last several years.

This week: Multi-Cat Defensemen

Frozen Tools has an easy way to pull up this kind of data. If you navigate to the report section, just click on the Multi-Category button. If we pull up the report for 2019-20 here is the table we get.

Alex Ovechkin tops the list and well, it is hard to argue with him being placed there. His shot and hit numbers are elite. This week though we are not focusing on forwards, but defensemen so I am going to export the list so I can run some filters on it.

For the purposes of this column, I am mostly going to be looking at shots, hits, and blocks. As you can see the report also gives points so if I want to use a point floor at a later date, I can do that. I am not going to use penalty minutes at the moment,