Fantasy Hockey Podcast: Roto Draft Game!

Elan Dubrofsky


It’s Game Night on the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

Elan has created a brand new rotisserie fantasy game where every owner drafts a team to compete against one another, but with a catch: instead of drafting for the stats that you think a player is going to put up, you’re drafting them for the stats they’ve already tallied! And, there’s no waiting all season to have games played to determine the winner– a fancy spreadsheet updates the standings after every pick, and a champ is crowned the moment the draft is finished.

Brian hosts and provides colour commentary on the draft, while Elan, Mathieu, Boston Matt, 514Dave, Victor, Ryan, Stream Scheme Dave, Prince, Michael, Norm and Dina duke it out to try and build the best roto rosters based on the final(?) numbers from the 2019-20 season.

Watch the draft happen live!

See the results!

Play the game yourself!

Players discussed on this episode include the 132 skaters and goalies drafted.

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