Ramblings: Light Hitters – Gaudreau, Q. Hughes, W. Nylander, Kessel

Ian Gooding


The NHL could potentially lose a semi-trailer of cash from television and sponsorships by not finishing the season. It will already lose a lot of money by playing in empty arenas, should that plan go ahead. To stop the financial bleeding, it seems more and more like the NHL is going to try that plan, with multiple reports suggesting that players have been told to report to their respective cities sometime in May with designs on a three-week training camp in June to restart the season by July.

Gary Bettman would be walking a tightrope to ensure such a plan would go off without a hitch. As we know, some markets have been hit harder than others by COVID-19, while some markets have more stringent social distancing rules than others. Finding markets that will be fully on board with the plan is one thing. Finding enough equipment and the right personnel, which could potentially reduce much-needed aid for those suffering from COVID-19, will be another challenge. Yet all it will take is one player to test positive for COVID-19 for the entire deck of cards to fall. Think of the Rudy Gobert situation with the NBA, which to me set off not only the complete shutdown of professional sports, but also any public gatherings.

With so many millions of dollars on the line for Bettman, and with certain teams likely to be in a precarious financial situation with an unfinished season, why wouldn't he try to continue the season in some way, shape, or form? Just my two cents on the current situation.


In yesterday's Ramblings, I detailed the league's heaviest hitters and what they could do for your fantasy team. Today I'll flip it over to the opposite end and show you which players were the best at social distancing before it became a requirement in our everyday lives.

To determine which players had the lightest hit totals, I was able to take the Hits/60 stat directly from Frozen Tools.

Lowest hits per 60 played totals, 2019-20 season (minimum 40 games):