Ramblings: Early thoughts on the 2020-21 season

Michael Clifford


It sucks to say, given that we should be enjoying some stellar second-round playoff hockey right now, but we need to start looking to the future. We need to start preparing for the 2020-21 season given the uncertainty with this year right now. Whether the 2019-20 season finishes, whether we have playoffs, and whether 2020-21 starts on time, all that is up in the air. I do know we need to start getting ready about the possibility of the 2019-20 season being completely finished.

I just wanted to give a list of guys I'm really intrigued over for next season, whenever it happens. These are just preliminary thoughts and a lot will obviously change in the next 2-14 months. They are 10 guys who rank from potential young stars to future Hall of Famers.


Roman Josi

It was a superlative year for Josi, who posted career-highs in goals (16) and assists (49) despite not even playing 70 games. A decent hot streak puts him near 80 points at the end of a full season. On the flipside, there's always the nagging "contract year" situation in the back of fantasy hockey minds. There's also the fact that it was a year everything went wrong scoring-wise for forwards, so if they pick up the slack again, is Josi going to put up a pace of 20 goals and 300 shots? He will also be turning 30 years old in June. Not that he's decrepit, but we always get nervous about guys on the wrong side of 30. He might go as a top-3 fantasy defenceman next year and I'm not sure it'll be worth it, especially in leagues counting hits.


Tyler Toffoli

Surely I'm not the only person who is really interested to see where Toffoli's ADP lands in September (or whenever we draft). This is a guy who showed great promise and results years ago, fell on hard times as his team crumbled around him, and then found his game when he was moved to Vancouver and given actual NHL line mates. In a nice coincidence, he turned 28 years old just a few days ago, which means we should still get a few real good seasons out of him as long as he lands in a good spot. The last part of that sentence is important, because if he signs somewhere he's not getting 18 minutes a night on the top line and top PP unit, I worry about him just repeating somewhere near his last couple seasons in