Ramblings: Forwards With Few Blocked Shots – Gusev, Backlund, Domi (May 17)

Ian Gooding


If you're an Athletic subscriber, you may want to check out Scott Burnside's article on the NHL's potential return to play format. The league is discussing whether 24 teams or 20 teams should be included, although the chances of a few extra playoff teams being added appears likely should the season resume.

Just so that teams aren't playing elimination games right off the hop, a round-robin format of five games per team has been suggested. This round-robin would determine playoff seeding, with the top teams in each round-robin group receiving byes and the remaining teams playing best-of-three playoff series.

For fantasy owners hoping for the regular season to continue, I don't think this looks promising. For starters, not all of the NHL's 31 teams are involved, which would eliminate a varying number of players from different rosters. In addition, previously scheduled games would not go ahead, which could create chaos for head-to-head matchups that have been on hold for two months. For example, which games do you include in which week's matchup? Do you scrap paused head-to-head matchups entirely?

Whether fantasy owners are even given the opportunity to continue their seasons might be ultimately be up to the fantasy game providers to decide. I don't imagine many fantasy leaguers might be up for such a drastic change, particularly when it comes to deciding the winner of an entire season.

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