Ramblings: Looking at the major awards – June 2

Michael Clifford


Sunday night I was able to hop on the Steve Laidlaw Podcast with, you guessed it, Steve Laidlaw. More recent readers may not remember him, but he was an associate editor here at Dobber for many years, and with the recent, let's say, downtime we've been experiencing, he started his own podcast.

We talked about hockey, of course. The NHL's Return to Play plan was huge news in the hockey world, as we finally got some direction as to when and how the NHL will return. We also talked the major trophies and who might win (Steve came fully prepared here, I just listed off some names). We discussed how we've been passing the time for the last 2 ½ months, as well as some book and documentary recommendations. A little bit of something for everyone in this one. Hope the readers will enjoy. I’ll post it in a future Ramblings once he posts it.


The trophy discussion was probably my favourite part of the podcast, if only to get back to the usual dumb arguments that we, as hockey fans, would have under normal circumstances. I wanted to expand my thinking on some of the players and give a little more reasoning for my selections. I know I've discussed these before but I think this is a little more in depth than earlier Ramblings. Let's take a look. I'm going to skip the Vezina for now.


Calder Trophy

While I would normally try to look for a different name than the ones bandied about like Dominik Kubalik or Victor Olofsson, it just isn't possible to do it with a straight cursor. It seems very likely that the three finalists are Adam Fox, Quinn Hughes, and Cale Makar. I haven't gone through the history of the Calder Trophy, but I can't imagine another year where we've had all three finalists be defencemen. It's rare enough to have a d-man win the thing – just three have won it this century – so to have all three as the nominees has to be a first.

In my mind, all three are incredible defencemen and I wouldn't bat an eye at any of them winning the trophy. In that sense, let's start splitting some hairs. Stats from Hockey Reference or Evolving Hockey. A glossary of terms used below can be read