Fantasy hockey poll: Which Band-Aid Boy will shed their reputation in 2020-21?

Rick Roos


No matter how much anyone wants to deny it, there's always a good bit of luck involved in fantasy hockey. That's especially the case when it comes to Band-Aid Boys, as even the worst offenders do defy the odds and manage to play 75+ games in some seasons. Which Band-Aid Boys might be on tap to shed their label, at least for 2020-21? That's today's poll topic.


Below is a list of players who've missed a fair share of games over the past few seasons. Not everyone is on the DobberHockey list of Band-Aid Boys, but each – in my opinion – has given poolies enough grey hairs due to missed games in recent years to merit being a voting choice. Your task is to put on your prognosticator hats and determine which of them will, in fact, play 75+ games next season. Or if there isn't an 82 game season due to COVID, which ones will play at least 90% of his team's games, roughly translating to a 75-game pace over an 82-game season.


I'd hoped to include goalies in the poll (hi, Antti Raanta and John Gibson) but couldn't come up with a minimum number of games played, so to keep things neater I ended up just opting to exclude them and went with 20 skaters. Otherwise, the only omissions were skaters who are not on anyone's fantasy radars.


Here now, are the 20 voting choices, listed in alphabetical order. A link to the voting poll is at the end of the column. The toughest non-inclusions were Brendan Gallagher, Erik Karlsson, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Auston Matthews, Charlie McAvoy, and Taylor Hall.


Viktor Arvidsson – After two seasons of fewer than a handful of missed games, Arvy has been felled b