Frozen Tools Forensics: Rebounds to Glory

Chris Kane


As I explore the Dobber Reports, I continue to find really interesting reports and applications. There is a ton of data to sift through and many ways to look at it. We have had a bit of a mini-series on shots over the last year and I want to continue that today. This time I want to take a look at some data we have around shot type and how it can help us think about player style and goal potential. There are a couple of directions to take this, and we may revisit over the coming weeks, but to start us off we are going to look at shots and goals off of rebounds.

As with all Dobber reports, the focus of today's column is aptly named. Sh% by Type shows the various ways players can put the puck on net (slapshot, wrist shot, deflection etc.) and breaks it out by player. This way we can do quite a bit of sorting and see who is taking a lot of what kind of shots and how effective they are at doing so.

To get things started, take a look at the below table. It is an abbreviated version of the full report. In this case it is sorted by total number of slapshots, but we can see that for each kind of shot the report is broken down into total goals scored, shots on goal in that shot variety, and shooting percentage.

RYAN PULOCKD68105647.80104894.5
BRENT BURNSD70124944.315205875.7
P.K. SUBBAND68713330804834.8
NEAL PIONKD7162762.615203803.8
ALEX OVECHKINL68482013914.42229.1127915.2

When sorted by total slapshots, we see mostly defenders at the top of the list, with Ryan Pulock leading the way. This makes s