Ramblings – 12 Eastern Conference Players to Keep an Eye On, and more (July 20)



The Interactive Playoff Draft List is now up and ready for download. If you bought the Ultimate Fantasy Pack last year, this is included in that package (i.e. not the more popular Keeper League Pack, so make sure you have the Ultimate Pack before trying to download it). This year's Ultimate Pack, however, does not include this list. It only includes next year's list. Blame coronavirus for messing up and overlapping our neat schedule! But now is the time to put together your playoff hockey pools, so pick up the playoff draft list here.


Reminder, ICYMI:

NHL Dates:

August 1 – NHL play-in and round robin

September 22 – Cup Final

October 2 – Latest date for Cup win

October 6 – NHL Draft

October 9 – Free Agent Frenzy!

November 17 – Training camps open (46-day offseason is usually around 86 days)

December 1 – Start of 2020-21 82-game NHL season

DobberHockey Dates:

October 11 – Analysis for the 15th annual Fantasy Hockey Guide can begin

October 23 (Friday) – I will release the Fantasy Guide with what I am targeting as 16 teams complete, to cover off any fantasy league drafts for that weekend. It is my hope to re-release this guide each day with two more teams done.

October 30 (Friday) – I will hopefully release the Fantasy Guide with all the teams done. If a couple of teams are still not quite complete, I will work around the clock to polish it off within a day or two. A few features may not be complete yet, but again the updates will be fast and furious over the ensuing week.

I've been doing this for 15 years now. I am an expert at putting quality fantasy hockey guides together and have a system in place to get this done well, and done quickly. Nobody can match me here – those who have worked with me can attest to this. I have all the tools I need all around me, and an experienced team that includes Mario Prata, co-founder of The Forecaster magazine. He will be working just as hard to