Ramblings: Updates on Dumba, McAvoy, Hamilton, and Toews; the Seattle Kraken; Theodore; playoff viewership – July 24

Michael Clifford


The big news on Thursday was the announcement of the Seattle franchise's new name and logo. There had been hope they'd be released earlier, but, you know, *gestures broadly*.

Anyway, that announcement came and the team has settled on the Seattle Kraken. It was a name that got a lot of traction on social media, and honestly, it's really cool. I also dig the logos and colour palette:




The whole rollout was pretty rad. The jerseys look good, the name is pretty cool, and the logos all are slam dunks. They even had a couple cool promo videos. Full marks to the design team.

Now, we wait for the expansion draft. With a stagnant cap, it should make things quite exciting.


After leaving practice on Wednesday, Dougie Hamilton did not step on the ice Thursday for practice. The season starts in a week, and this team just got back their Norris-calibre blue liner. Let's hope it's nothing too serious, as with Sidney Crosby in Pittsburgh.

In the meantime, Sami Vatanen took over top PP duties.

It doesn't seem as if Jake Bean is going to crack the lineup, at least init