Ramblings: Release the Kraken, Box Pool Playoff Picks, Bruins Forward Lines (July 25)

Ian Gooding


I shared a few thoughts (and even some lame jokes) regarding the Seattle team name on my Twitter account. Complete thoughts don't always appear on Twitter, so I'll expand on what I think.

I'll admit that I thought the Kraken name was a gimmicky joke at first. All I knew about kraken was from the Release the Kraken scene from the movie Clash of the Titans. As I've learned that the kraken is not just a Hollywood creation but also a mythical creature with some history, I'm coming around on the idea that it suits a coastal city like Seattle.

The jerseys and logos, though… a home run. I don't like every hockey jersey I see, but the color scheme, simplicity of design, and symbolism of the primary and secondary logo were amazing. The stylized S with the red eye is fantastic. The anchor shoulder patch with the Space Needle on top is clever. I know Seattle's first choice was probably blue and green, which wouldn't be possible given the team colors of its future nearby geographical rival. The combination of what the team has termed "deep-sea navy, ice blue, boundless blue, shadow blue, and red alert" definitely work for me. 

I don't know if I would have unveiled the name and jerseys on a construction site, but I also understand that the current state of our world limits the options that they had. With what they had and what they used, the Seattle team made quite a splash in introducing itself as the NHL's 32nd team. I can't wait to one day cross the border and drive down the I-5 to watch the Seattle Kraken play at Climate Pledge Are