Top 200 Cap League Skaters – July 2020

Alexander MacLean


The Salary Cap League Rankings are here! All of the top 200 skaters.


Here are the top 200 skaters to own in your salary cap league – July 25 edition. Cale Makar has holds onto the pole position while a few 2020 draft eligible players make their debuts. The expected new contract for Taylor Hall pushes him out of the top 200, while Anthony DeAngelo is defying his expected large new contract, sitting comfortably at 31 in the rankings. The best story though is Oskar Lindblom beating cancer and landing a $3 million AAV contract extension that barely topped his $2.6M projected AAV, and as a result just narrowly knocked him out of the top 200. I'll cover him next week with a few of the other notable misses.

Behind the scenes, the Covid19 situation threw a wrench into how I managed the daily updates of these rankings, but that generally seems to be accounted for now. With the 2020 Free Agent Salary Predictions also published recently, these ranking sets are flowing pretty smoothly at the moment. Since nothing in my life seems to be able to stay calm for long, I've decided to try and dabble in creating a similar set of rankings/contract predictions for goalies. To-be-determined how that all shakes out, but keep your eyes and ears open for signs of that in the fall.

On a related note, I stick by Nathan MacKinnon landing ahead of Connor McDavid on these rankings, and I would select them in that order for a brand-new cap league dynasty as well. There was an interesting debate on that topic here in the forums, while Tom Collins also touched on it in the Ramblings not too long ago. If you have anything to add to the debate, let us know in the comments!

Standard pre-rankings note:

This isn't meant to be a be-all and end-all rating system for you to us