Goldipucks and the Three Skaters: Sebatian Aho, Mike Hoffman, & Zach Werenksi

Rick Roos


Welcome back to your monthly installment of Goldipucks and the Three Skaters, which, for new readers, is a play on words of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. Here though, instead of there being three bowls of porridge I cover three skaters and declare one too hot (i.e., doing unsustainably better than he should), another too cold (i.e., doing unsustainably worse), and a third “just right” (i.e., producing where he should be). I also assign each a rating of 1-10, indicating just how hot (rated 7-10, where 10 is the most unsustainably hot), or how cold (rated 1-4, where 1 is the most unsustainably cold), or how “just right” (rated 4-7, where 5.5 is the most “just right”) he is.


Our focus this week is on Sebastian Aho, Mike Hoffman, and Zach Werenski. Consider those names and try to figure out who was too hot, who was too cold, and which of the three was just right. Then read below to see if you nailed all three of your guesses.


Sebastian Aho

After seeing his points per game pace go from 0.60 to 0.83 to 1.01, much was expected of Aho in 2019-20, which represented his "magical fourth year." And although this season was far from a disappointment, he actually saw his scoring rate drop a tad to 0.97 points per game. Are we to assume Aho is a point per game player and not more? Nope; as given his age, metrics, and being on a team that figures to improve, 2020-21 should see him easily produce his best numbers.

One detail about his 2019-20 is he started with just three points in his first nine games, so that right there means he tallied 63 in his final 59 contests, for a scoring rate of 1.06 per game. So in essence, but for a slow start, he did actually improve. And if we look even more toward the end of the season, he had 25 points in his last 19 contests, for