Ramblings – Thoughts on Allen and Binnington, plus Oshie, Talbot, Suzuki, Trocheck, and more (August 24)



You may have noticed that a lot of European prospects who may or may not have been playing in the AHL or CHL, are being "loaned" to various European Leagues over the past few days. NHL teams are giving their prospects the extra ice time and game experience in the leagues that are opening up over the next few weeks. When training camps open in mid-November we'll see most, if not all, of these players back over here. The KHL is set to begin their season on September 19. The SHL begins in late September and Liiga (Finland) begins October 1. So these players may get between 12 and 20 games in before coming back over. In the cases of prospects who are relatively close, this should be a bit of an advantage in terms of making the team.


We say goodbye, here in late August, to a few more teams as the bubbles in Edmonton and Toronto start to empty out. My thoughts…


St. Louis Blues

The biggest fantasy thing with this team is the status of Vladimir Tarasenko. His (very) serious shoulder injury and ensuing surgery…didn't go so well? It's being re-evaluated. When he played, it was giving him pain. If this requires another surgery will he be the same? Will he become a Band-Aid Boy going forward now? Or will things get back to 100%? These are things we don't know now, but will (hopefully) know in time of our fantasy drafts. Which I hope you have re-scheduled to take place in November. If you haven't do it now. I'll wait.

The close second in terms of fantasy questions is the Jake Allen vs. Jordan Binnington situation. Winnington was, to be frank, terrible. His playoffs were terrible and his regular season was below average. And that's worrisome because he wasn't exactly an elite prospect to begin with. He was a good prospect who was fading quickly and most of us, myself included, had written him off by the time last season began as having any kind of an NHL career. Then the magic happened. So was he just pulling an