Ramblings: Tarasenko surgery; Coyotes Draft penalty; Green; Kapanen trade –

Michael Clifford


In light of the NBA and WNBA players deciding not to play their playoff games, the MLS cancelling games, MLB teams like Seattle and Milwaukee deciding not to play, Kenny Smith walking off the NBA on TNT set, and Naomi Osaka pulling out of her tennis tournament, the NHL had a 70-some word statement before the Tampa/Boston game followed by a seven-second moment of reflection:



In light of the response from most of the sports world, this fell short.


Vladimir Tarasenko underwent another shoulder surgery and the timeline for re-assessment is late January. Should the NHL manage to start the regular season in early December as they hope, that means Tarasenko would miss at least a third of the regular season. The later the NHL starts, the better for Tank. The timing of 2020-21 drafts will fluctuate his value a lot.


The Arizona Coyotes must forfeit their 2020 second-round pick in this year's draft and their 2021 first-round pick in next year's draft for violating rules of the NHL Combine. Basically, the Coyotes were testing players before they were allowed. The rules allow leeway from the Commissioner as to what the punishment should be, and he decided to levy them against the team rather than any individual.

This is brutal for Arizona. My assumption is Taylor Hall is not re-signing, but even with the conditions of his trade, they have no first-round picks in either of the next two drafts, are going to be missing at least one second-round pick, and there are a couple nice prospects on the way but it's not enough. They're also cap-strapped. This team needs a big injection of talent and they're not going to get it for years. Good luck, Yotes fans.


My basic assessment of the